Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, January 2020

Dana Lixenberg, Imperial Courts. 

Imperial Courts is a photo series created over 22 years, which includes still and moving images shown across three screens. Each screen works in conjunction with one another in order to create a visually striking body of work, which captivates your attention throughout.

Her work gave an interesting insight into an economically deprived area in LA, which you wouldn’t see on your usual visit. She showcased the importance of community within her work. 

Jack Latham-23rd January 2020

On the 23rd  January 2020 Jack Latham talked about the process he went through while creating his recent award winning book Parliament of Owls. His work started as a fascination behind the conspiracy theory towards Bohemian grove which is a club for the American Elite. He didn’t focus on just the camp itself, but also on the surrounding communities and those who are against the club.  This allowed for wider audience engagement which means people are able to find out more about the secretive club.

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