Arphita Shah-26th Februrary 2020

The recent exhibition on at the Impressions gallery was Arpita Shah’s exhibition titled Nalini, after her grandmother. This translated to “lotus” this gives the work a soft, beautiful and captivating insight into her grandmothers life. 

The way in which she has sequenced her work to be exhibited has made ,e think about how my own work should be presented. There are subtle links between each images, which makes her work very interesting to look at.  

Portfolio Review, February 2020

I had the pleasure of having my current body of work for my final major project reviewed by Thomas Duffield and Pablo Antoli. They both gave me some really interesting points in order to further progress my work in order to make it stronger as a final body of work. 

Pablo Antoli, February 2020

Lighting before the workshop

Lighting after the workshop

Pablo’s studio masterclass helped me to develop my still life skills within the studio. By instead of over exposing with multiple lights, use less lights and consider the shadows on the object in order to make them much more interesting to look at. 

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