Landfill site visit, March 2020

To further develop my work, I wanted to look at gaining access into a landfill site, this would allow me to showcase the waste which we all throw away without any consideration. Luckily I have been fortunate enough to have a friend who works for a private company who have landfill sites. 

I spent 4 hours at a site learning about what goes on there as well as the types of rubbish which is allowed to be disposed there. As I was unsure if I was going to be able to go back to the site I decided to create a range of different images using a different techniques in order to show the rubbish. 

Ben weaver, March 2020

Ben came in and talked about the process he goes through in order to publish a book. Instead of waiting for a photographer to approach him to create a book he approaches them. He has published books such as: Jack Latham’s two books Sugar paper theories and Parliament of owls. Julie Mehretu, Mongrelism, Negative Publicity and 2041.

Paper stock workshop, March 2020

Liam gave us a workshop on the different paper stocks and showed how each paper is completely different from one another. This has helped me to think about what paper I would like to use for my exhibition and also to test different papers out first before my final print as it will allow me to see what does and doesn’t work

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