Closure of the Uni, March 2020

We found out the university will be closing until further notice due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Meaning I will be unable to carry on shooting, but I will look at continuing these shoots at a later date. This also means that there will no longer be any face to face tutorials or seminars so instead we are going  to show our work via video call in order to get feedback. 

Clinical Shoot, March 2020

After my lecturers suggested to try and look at clean waste. I decided to book out the Mamiya and go into the printing bureau and around the Barbara Hepworth building in order to capture images of the printers as they are clean but create a lot of waste. This has helped me to develop my work further to look at alternative waste sources.

Work Review, March 2020

I showed off my current work to Richard Higginbottom, Richard Mulhern and Liam Devlin. We came to the agreement to not longer shoot out in the streets or the landfill sites as i have enough images from these shoots. They suggested to look at another type of waste which we see everyday. Clean waste. So look at pipes as well as electrics and how they produce waste. The idea was to look at clean spaces and how waste is still being produced there.

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